We have you covered for all sizes of metal spinning and shear forming machines. From tiny to extremely large diameters. DENN: www.globalmetalspinning.com

DENN RB machines are ideal for operations such as trimming, beading, flanging, lock seaming, …, on sheet metal parts.

This video of the DENN LW3-130 vertical flow forming machine shows the forming of a wheel.

DENN has machinery solutions for tube (pipe) closing and necking-in operations. Cylinders forming (CNG, SCBA, Alternative Fuel, …), aluminum liners forming, …

DENN NTR model (DENN CAD-CAM programming, Industry 4.0) DENN 2-roller shear forming machine DENN TES model (Playback programming)

Precise Flow Forming Machinery by DENN. Used in many industries such as aerospace, automotive, defense, metal forming job shops, oil & gas, wheel forming and more. www.globalmetalspinning.com

Please take a look at our video presenting the DENN NTR-250/2-600 CNC “two roller” metal spinning and shear forming machine. And visit us at www.globalmetalspinning.com to see our complete line

FABTECH 2017 video – Visit us!

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