DENN (Industrias Puigjaner S.A.), a Family Business, was founded in 1885. Since then, DENN has developed metal forming techniques and provided the metal forming industry with machinery. EXPERIENCE. Contact us

The next DENN metal spinning machine for the US Market has been accepted. It will very soon produce spun parts for the aerospace, defense and other industries. Many more machines

“DENN (Industrias Puigjaner, S.A.), founded 1885; over 130 years of building metal forming machine tools.”   DENN: Innovation & Experience in Metalforming standard to fully custom machines modern, fast, safe

Automation and AI (Artificial Intelligence) at DENN – Metal Spinning Machines “With Brains” DENN CNC metal spinning machines are equipped with most modern and advanced technologies and cutting-edge software. Artificial

DENN NTR-100 “stock” metal spinning & shear forming machine for sale. A DENN NTR-100 stock metal spinning & shear forming machine is available for immediate sale. This machine was built

We are finishing up today another installation of a DENN NTR metal spinning and shear forming in the US.

Video: DENN NTR-130/50 metal spinning & shear forming machine with robotic loading and unloading, including DENN data: view more videos  

DENN 2-roller metal spinning and shear forming machines are very productive and user-friendly.

DENN RB machines are ideal for operations such as trimming, beading, flanging, lock seaming, …, on sheet metal parts.