Lubricants for Metal Spinning, Flow Forming, Deep Drawing, Machining,…: Fluids & Solid Metal Forming Lubricants

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Castrol Performance Bio NC Plus fluid

exact same formulation as the discontinued Castrol Performance Bio DF R40 fluid

Size: 55-gallon drum.

A lighter viscosity bio-based metal forming and cutting fluid formulated with select plant-based oils for use as a multipurpose high performance metal forming and cutting fluid. Castrol Performance Bio NC Plus is recommended for most types of metal forming operations and for cutting most metal types. It is highly effective on most metals including aluminum and stainless steel. Performance Bio NC Plus can be applied by brushing, dipping, spraying or any other suitable method. Superior lubricity optimizes feed rates and increases productivity. Smokes less than petroleum forming fluids, Reduces the amount of pressure required to form the metal. Pleasant smelling for good operator acceptance. Formulated to be non-staining on virtually all types of metals. Better adhesion. Reduces the amount of product required. Outperforms conventional petroleum-based fluids. Does not contain chlorine or sulfur. Plant-based oil reduces the risk of dermatitis. Made from renewable grown plant-based technologies. Reduces disposal costs. Easily removed with alkaline cleaner.

55-gallon drum of Castrol Performance Bio NC Plus fluid (shipping & tax will be invoiced after shipment): US$1,464.41

Castrol forming fluids and oils

Castrol Performance Bio SW 68 PBL fluid

Size: 55-gallon drum.

Castrol Performance Bio SW 68 PBL medium viscosity fluid is ideal for metal forming/ metal spinning applications and is a premium slide way lubricant formulated for lubricating machine tool ways, slides and guides. It is formulated with optimized plant-based oils and select friction-reducing additives to provide excellent lubricity and extreme pressure properties. – Bio-based formulation- Exceptional load carrying and anti-wear properties- Low stick-slip properties provide smooth operation and accurate work even at slow speeds- Good adhesion improves non-drip characteristics- Reduces oil loss- Higher flash point than petroleum-based lubricants- Safer to store and operate.

55-gallon drum of Castrol Performance Bio SW 68 PBL fluid (shipping & tax will be invoiced after shipment): US$2,171.43

Castrol Performance Bio Fluid

Metal Spinning (Forming) Solid Lubrication Wax Bars

Special blend of beeswax, other waxes and other ingredients.

Handmade by us right here in Colorado Springs; ideal for metal spinning.

We currently do not ship this item outside of U.S. Continental addresses.

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metal spinning (forming) solid lubrication wax bars

Forge (HOT Forming / Spinning) Solid Lubrication Sticks

Ideal solid lubrication sticks for hot forming / spinning operations.

Synthetic, nonleaded, graphite (10%) wax sticks.

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hot metal spinning (forge) sticks

Iloform Stick Wax (Castrol), 15 oz per tube

Multi-purpose forming, drawing and cutting compound formulated with a blend of solid lubricating waxes used for a wide variety of forming, drawing and machining operations.

It is suitable for use on all metals, plastics, fiberglass, wood, hardboard, and many other materials. It is also an excellent general-purpose solid lubricant. Periodic application of Iloform Stick Wax directly on cutting surfaces of dies, tools, saw blades, grinding wheels, sanding belts, etc. improves performance. This unique blend of waxes coats metal tools with a long-lasting film that resists abrasion over a wide temperature range.

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Castrol Iloform Stick Wax

Castrol Iloform 7425 Chlorine Free Vanishing Oil

Size: 55-gallon drum.

Castrol Iloform 7425 is a low viscosity vanishing oil for light stamping and drawing of sheet metals. It has a nonaromatic, hydrocarbon base with a light color and mild, oily odor. Iloform 7425 is a non-staining product which evaporates completely, leaving no residues. It is a good choice for the manufacture of wires and parts which are to be painted or coated without first being cleaned. Iloform 7425 is designed for use on electrical steel and fin stamping applications. It can also be used for light duty stamping and drawing of thin gauge material. It is compatible with ferrous, zinc galvanized, aluminum, and yellow metals. This product is intended for application as received, by flooding, rolling or dipping. Advantages are: Sheeting action allows oil to evenly spread over metal surface to provide an even lubricating film, non-gumming chemistry leaves machinery and dies clean and free of sticky residues, non-staining and evaporates completely leaving no residues.

55-gallon drum of Castrol Iloform 7425 chlorine free vanishing oil (shipping & tax will be invoiced after shipment): US$1,677.91

Castrol Performance Bio Fluid

Additional Forming, Deep Drawing, Hydroforming, Stamping, Machining, Cutting, …, Lubricants

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