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DENN Rotary Forging Machines (Presses)

Components weight reduction is top priority for many metal formed parts. Together with LABEIN Tecnalia, DENN is providing solutions to this issue. We apply the rotary forging process to manufacture components, which exceed the forming suitability of conventional processes. The rotary forging process offers the advantage of combining an incremental process with the end product properties provided by conventional forging.

Rotary forging is an incremental manufacturing process characterized by its combination of two actions, rotational and an axial compression movement, for precise component forming, that can be carried out cold or hot. Parts manufacture by this process are wheel preforms, gears, discs, rings, etc..

This technology enables greater use to be made of materials, minimizing (in some cases eliminating) machining and welding operations. Rotary forging requires less force, between 5% to 20% of conventional forming presses, due to reduction in contact and friction; resulting in smaller presses and simpler tools.

At LABEIN Tecnalia in Spain, we offer the possibility to create simulation programs in order to analyze the requirements and to develop the correct size of rotary forging machine for the customer. Trials can also be carried out.

DENN – rotary forging machines (presses)
– high flexibility (small modifications allow new geometries)
– lower tooling costs, less number of tooling changes and shaping stages
– very high dimensional precision (near net shape)
– reduction / elimination of burrs
– high finish quality (elimination of cracks)
– hardening of the material and optimized grained structure
– minimizing / elimination of machining and welding operations

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DENN Rotary Forging Machines (Presses)