Aryma circle shears description

ARYMA Circle – Ring – Flanging Shears

  • an ideal companion for your metal spinning machinery and work cells


The mechanical production of circles (blanks) and rings, compared to laser and waterjet technologies, has its place in the metal forming industry and has these advantages:

  • fast setup times (about 2 minutes) and fast loading / unloading of the machine
  • automatic or manual machine tending
  • digital display of diameter and mechanical stops
  • safe machine tending with 2-hand handling and safety table
  • lower machinery investment price
  • center-hole piercing device available
  • flanging device available

Aryma circle shear working area  Aryma KS6 circle shear

large diameter Aryma circle shear  Aryma circle shear with robotic loading/ unloading