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Unlock Efficiency and Precision with the DENN LW1 Wheel (Rim) Spinning/Flow Forming Machine – an onsite testing unit is available right now at our plant for you to test your wheel (rim) production requirements.

Take advantage of our onsite testing unit. Evaluate firsthand the capabilities of our cutting-edge DENN LW1 Wheel Rim Spinning/Flow Forming machine and explore its potential for new horizons in wheel manufacturing. By leveraging this technology, you’ll not only test the industrial feasibility of your wheel production program but also fine-tune critical working parameters. You can optimize cycle times and mechanical characteristic. The DENN LW1 model boasts an advantageous footprint and utilizes the market’s best programming software.
Share your ideas with us, and our skilled process engineers will guide you toward optimal outcomes.
For further details and inquiries, please contact us. We are committed to supporting your success and look forward to collaborating with you on this exciting opportunity.

DENN LW1 wheel (rim) forming machine