“DENN (Industrias Puigjaner, S.A.), founded 1885; over 130 years of building metal forming machine tools.”


DENN: Innovation & Experience in Metalforming

  • standard to fully custom machines
  • modern, fast, safe & flexible
  • reliable construction & components
  • custom & user-friendly software
  • superb surface finishes
  • superb repeatability

DENN data – Metalforming in the cloud

Welcome to DENN data, the cloud service to boost your metalforming projects. Improve your productivity by using cloud monitoring. DENN data calculates productivity and helps to improve metalforming processes. To be updated has never been easier: Alarms, Forces (Traces), Energy Consumption and more are automatically and seamlessly analyzed. Export process data. Proactive maintenance; sensors are installed in the machines to warn about potential or upcoming problems.

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DENN data - Metalforming in the cloud


Industry 4.0, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

DENN metal spinning & flow forming machinery is the ideal solution for smart work environments (Industry 4.0): big data collection and analytics, sensors, cameras, predictive maintenance, production data, quality control, networking, diagnosis, virtual training and process optimization, monitoring, automation, system integration, simulation, cloud services and Apps. DENN machinery is leading in transformative technology, Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). 

DENN Industrial 4.0 - IIoT


DENN Programming Software

With a user-friendly interface and very successful deployment, the newest version of DENN CAD-CAM keeps up with the new generation of metal forming machines.  All DENN CAD-CAM functions are distributed among 5 screens. The navigation between the screens is fast and easy, and both the programmer and the machine operator take full advantage of its graphic software.

DENN programming software

DENN – High Standards for the Metal Spinning & Flow Forming Machinery Industry

Positional Precision & Repeatability

DENN machinery employ electrical driven slide compounds with movement performed by slides and transmission with a servodriven pressure spindle.

Electronic Pressure Control

DENN metal spinning machines come equipped with an integrated electric pressure control. This system can be activated by the programmer/ operator for maintaining constant force rate, for example to avoid adverse effects due to temperature changes.

Surface Finishes & Tight Tolerances

The combination of the innovative and feature-rich DENN CAD-CAM programming software, precise positioning, electronic pressure control and the use of quality components allow our customers to achieve the best possible surface finishes and tight tolerances in the industry.