DENN has machinery solutions for tube (pipe) closing and necking-in operations. Cylinders forming (CNG, SCBA, Alternative Fuel, …), aluminum liners forming, …

DENN has machinery solutions for operations such as trimming, beading, flanging, ribbing, lock seaming, …., for sheet metal parts.

DENN NTR model (DENN CAD-CAM programming, Industry 4.0) DENN 2-roller shear forming machine DENN TES model (Playback programming)

Precise Flow Forming Machinery by DENN. Used in many industries such as aerospace, automotive, defense, metal forming job shops, oil & gas, wheel forming and more.

Please take a look at our video presenting the DENN NTR-250/2-600 CNC “two roller” metal spinning and shear forming machine. And visit us at to see our complete line

High precision CNC metal spinning and shear forming machine. DENN metal spinning machine NTR-100/30 CNC.

Certain of reliability, DENN announces two year warranty on the complete DENN metal spinning and flow forming machine lines. Also, major updates took place to DENN’s preventative maintenance software and

FABTECH 2017 video – Visit us!

Be in full control of your DENN metal spinning machines. Communicate with your machines.

DENN (Industrias Puigjaner) featured on Spanish TV program