DENN RL-140/435 CNC Flow Forming Machine

This is a larger diameter and high precision flow forming machine, model DENN RL-140/435 CNC.

DENN (Industrias Puigjaner) has completed the assembly and verification of a new unit of the heavy duty 3-roller flow forming machine model RL-140/435 prior to the delivery and installation. This amazing flow forming machine has the capacity for flow forming parts up to a diameter of 1,600 mm (63″) and to a maximum length of 5,000 mm (197″). The material thickness capacity is 46 mm (1.8″) in aluminum and 36 mm (1.4″) in stainless steel. The flow forming can start from both open tubes and closed preforms. The machine is equipped with the most advanced CNC Cad-Cam system. The DENN Cad-Cam system is very user-friendly thanks to the graphic environment fully developed by DENN. The equipment is also fitted with the necessary elements for quick and effective remote assistance for troubleshooting and online support for future new parts developments and improvements. The machines can be delivered with robot or transfer systems to improve the productivity and to optimize cycle times.
DENN – more than 130 years of experience in metal forming.

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