Metal Spinning, Flow Forming & Related Technologies
Research & Development, Process Engineering, Tooling Design & Manufacturing

Our customers rely on us to provide them with best machinery and tooling for their production needs. We study each machinery project thoroughly, and we look at all machinery, technology and tooling options available to us. If none of these options are perfect for the required task, then we go into R&D mode – striving to turn the seemingly impossible task into a possible task. We are not just machinery suppliers, we are production solutions suppliers; this includes parts production process research & development, tooling engineering, tooling manufacturing and programming. We supply complete turnkey solutions.

Industrias Puigjaner- DENN has been building spinning machines for over 125 years and has always aimed to improve manufacturing technologies and machinery. The company has an impressive mix of employees with decades of experience, and employees with youthful ideas and drive for new developments and technologies. DENN has also established many strategic partnerships with research institutes and other companies which share our determination in continuing to advance chipless forming technologies and machinery.
How it started:

125+ years later:

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