We are keeping the shipping lines from Barcelona, Spain, to US seaports busy.

A DENN metal spinning machine for aerospace and defense parts production will arrive this weekend at the port of Los Angeles.

A DENN trimming-beading-flanging machine and circle shear arrived at the port of Baltimore earlier this week.

Another DENN metal spinning machine for hot forming is about to depart at the port of Barcelona on the way to the US.

And several more machinery orders are being finished up for US customers with deliveries this year.

Exciting times at DENN. We are a supportive and always ready-to-help team, leading in exceptional innovations and technologies. User-friendly software for our machinery is developed in-house. We are active in countless industries and consistently are partners in many R&D projects.
DENN has been in business for over 135 years.

DENN metal spinning machinery to be delivered