Please take a look at our video presenting the DENN NTR-250/2-600 CNC “two roller” metal spinning and shear forming machine. And visit us at to see our complete line

High precision CNC metal spinning and shear forming machine. DENN metal spinning machine NTR-100/30 CNC.

FABTECH 2017 video – Visit us!

DENN (Industrias Puigjaner) featured on Spanish TV program

DENN (Industrias Puigjaner) – the new NTR CNC metal spinning machinery series – Industry 4.0 – DENN data

Spinforming of a stainless steel medical storage container on a DENN ZENN-100 CNC metal spinning machine.


Video: DENN ZENN-200 CNC metal spinning machine with robotic loading / unloading