DENN has machinery solutions for operations such as trimming, beading, flanging, ribbing, lock seaming, …., for sheet metal parts.

Precise Flow Forming Machinery by DENN. Used in many industries such as aerospace, automotive, defense, metal forming job shops, oil & gas, wheel forming and more.

Be in full control of your DENN metal spinning machines. Communicate with your machines.

Welcome to DENN data! Industry 4.0. Remotely supervise your DENN metal spinning and flow forming machines. Monitor alarms, energy consumption, forces management and tracing, and much more. Get more information


DENN’s booth at the EuroBLECH 2104 show in Germany:     We thank everyone who visited our booth. It is exciting to share our enthusiasm of metal spinning and flow

Please contact us for information about our innovative and leading machinery technology for all types of flow forming operations; from very tiny diameters to very large diameters, thin to thick and countless