We have uploaded a new video to YouTube. Take a look.DENN machinery overview: metal spinning, shear forming, flow forming, wheel forming, necking-in / closing, trimming, beading, flanging, circle / ring

Metal Spinning, Flow Forming & Related Technologies Research & Development, Process Engineering, Tooling Design & Manufacturing Our customers rely on us to provide them with best machinery and tooling for

For metal working and metal forming you will need to make sure that you use good quality lubricants.In your machinery you want to use fluids, oils and coolants which protect

On July 3, 2012 we blogged about going big with a DENN CTA-660 CNC tube (cylinder) spinning machine. Now, about 1/2 a year later we go even bigger.Currently being built is

DENN-Trace, see photos below (monitor, visualize and record axes forces) Available for our CNC spinning, flow forming, tube necking-in and wheel forming machines  

DENN is currently exhibiting at the EuroBLECH 2012 show in Hanover, Germany.   The next show will be FABTECH 2012 Las Vegas Convention Center, Nevada, USA November 12-14, 2012 Booth

Our DENN CTA-660 CNC tube necking-in machine is one of the largest tube necking-in machine in the world. This heavy-duty machine is capable of working with tube lengths from 3 m

We have updated our website design and content. Take a look! www.globalmetalspinning.com www.dennusametalforming.com

We exhibited at FABTECH 2011. Please watch the video which shows the forming of a stainless steel sample part on our DENN eSPIN-100 CNC metal spinning machine model. In one