High performance metal spinning-forming fluids:
– highly effective on all metals including aluminum and stainless steel
– superior lubricity optimizes feed rates and increases productivity; less wear
– improved surface finishes
– smokes less than petroleum forming fluids
– pleasant smelling for good operator acceptance
– workers do not experience dermatitis; non-toxic, non irritating
– non-staining formula
– better adhesion, reduces amount of product required; lower mist
– easy clean-up
– biodegradable – friendly to the environment
– made form renewable USA-grown crop-based vegetable oils
– available in 1 gallon jugs, 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon totes or tanker.

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Also available: bio-based deep drawing fluids, cutting oils, grinding oils, bio-stable water soluble oils (milling, tapping, reaming, hobbing, gun drilling, broaching, shaping, …), bio-synthetic coolants, biocide additive (prevent microbial contamination), biodegradable bio-based quenching oil, biodegradable ISO 46 hydraulic oil, ISO 68 slide way lubricant, anti foam additive, …

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