We have some very interesting metal spinning, flow forming and related machinery videos shared on YouTube. Click HERE to visit our YouTube page. Thank you for your interest!

The ECO ZENN models are engineered to be the first “clean & green” metal spinning machines in the industry; featuring noise insulation, as well as smoke, fumes, mist, oil and

Besides sales and service of chipless metal forming machinery (spinning, shear forming, flow forming, ….), we also specialize in sales, design and manufacturing of tooling, such as spinning rollers, mandrels,

High performance metal spinning-forming fluids: – highly effective on all metals including aluminum and stainless steel– superior lubricity optimizes feed rates and increases productivity; less wear– improved surface finishes– smokes

Our DENN CDI-100 circle shear automatically and precisely cuts round blanks and rings. The required diameters are entered on the control panel and then the circle shear makes automatically all necessary positioning adjustments. Setup

Our DENN trimming, beading & flanging machines are extremely flexible for a wide variety of part sizes and forming & trimming operations.   Typical Forming & Trimming Operations

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Our metal spinning lubrication wax bars (spinning soaps) have been a great success. We just received a new shipment of beeswax and all other ingredients needed to make many more

Thank you to the many visitors who made the trip to Hannover, Germany, in order to visit us at the Industrias Puigjaner, S.A. –  DENN booth.