DENN- ECO ZENN CNC metal spinning machines

14 Feb

The ECO ZENN models are engineered to be the first “clean & green” metal spinning machines in the industry; featuring noise insulation, as well as smoke, fumes, mist, oil and metal chips collection devices. Energy is saved and fed back to the power supply by regenerative braking. Programmers, operators and maintenance personnel can access most functions of the machines while the machinery doors are closed. For example, a drawer is utilized for easy removal of metal chips in case the spinning machine is also used for auxiliary applications such as machining. The opening distance of the automatic doors is adjustable to minimize cycle times, and robotic loading and unloading is easily interfaced.
Highest production flexibly is achieved by employing the 6-tool change station, pressure control system, auxiliary trimming & beading units, and others.
These features, plus the high mechanical strength and speeds of the machines, as well as the graphical user interface for programming, are setting the benchmark for the future of metal spinning machines.

Metal Spinning Tooling and Rollers

10 Jan

Besides sales and service of chipless metal forming machinery (spinning, shear forming, flow forming, ….), we also specialize in sales, design and manufacturing of tooling, such as spinning rollers, mandrels, clamping mandrels and other special tooling.

Spinning Roller Materials: D2, M2, special long life M4 tool steel, Duraspin, Gesadur, bronze and ceramic.
Mandrel Materials: A variety of tool steels, hard maple, phenolic and resin wood.

You can also purchase the above mentioned materials from us and perform the machining at your facility. We have worked out special low pricing with the material suppliers.

 metal spinning roller

 Duraspin material

Bio-Based Forming Fluids for Metal Spinning-Forming

22 Dec

High performance metal spinning-forming fluids:
– highly effective on all metals including aluminum and stainless steel
– superior lubricity optimizes feed rates and increases productivity; less wear
– improved surface finishes
– smokes less than petroleum forming fluids
– pleasant smelling for good operator acceptance
– workers do not experience dermatitis; non-toxic, non irritating
– non-staining formula
– better adhesion, reduces amount of product required; lower mist
– easy clean-up
– biodegradable – friendly to the environment
– made form renewable USA-grown crop-based vegetable oils
– available in 1 gallon jugs, 5 gallon pails, 55 gallon drums and 275 gallon totes or tanker.

Click here for more information and to order.
Also available: bio-based deep drawing fluids, cutting oils, grinding oils, bio-stable water soluble oils (milling, tapping, reaming, hobbing, gun drilling, broaching, shaping, …), bio-synthetic coolants, biocide additive (prevent microbial contamination), biodegradable bio-based quenching oil, biodegradable ISO 46 hydraulic oil, ISO 68 slide way lubricant, anti foam additive, …

DENN CDI-100 “automatic” circle shear for cutting round blanks & rings

7 Dec
Our DENN CDI-100 circle shear automatically and precisely cuts round blanks and rings. The required diameters are entered on the control panel and then the circle shear makes automatically all necessary positioning adjustments. Setup with a robot is also available instead of manually loading / unloading. The CDI-100 is capable of cutting diamaters from 150 mm (5.9″) to 1,000 mm (39.37″); up to thicknesses of 3 mm (0.118″) mild steel; a little thicker for Aluminum and a little thinner for Stainless Steel.