Bio-Based Forming Fluids for Metal Spinning-Forming

High performance metal spinning-forming fluids:– highly effective on all metals including aluminum and stainless steel– superior lubricity optimizes feed rates and increases productivity; less wear– improved surface finishes– smokes less than petroleum forming fluids– pleasant smelling for good operator acceptance– workers do not experience dermatitis; non-toxic, non irritating– non-staining formula– better adhesion, reduces amount of Read more


DENN CDI-100 “automatic” circle shear for cutting round blanks & rings

Our DENN CDI-100 circle shear automatically and precisely cuts round blanks and rings. The required diameters are entered on the control panel and then the circle shear makes automatically all necessary positioning adjustments. Setup with a robot is also available instead of manually loading / unloading. The CDI-100 is capable of cutting diamaters from 150 mm (5.9″) to 1,000 mm (39.37″); Read more


Metal Spinning Solid Lubrication Wax Bars (spinning soaps)

Our metal spinning lubrication wax bars (spinning soaps) have been a great success. We just received a new shipment of beeswax and all other ingredients needed to make many more of these. These spinning soaps are ideal, especially for hand spinning applications.Get yours today at:

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