Typical Applications

On this page you will find a short overview of typical applications for which our metal spinning, flow forming and related machines are used for.


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High performance "Bio-Based" metal spinning/ forming lubricants formulated to achieve maximum productivity at the lowest price.

Typical Applications for which our machines are employed


spun sample parts (metal spinning)   spun sample parts  spun parts (metal spinning)
 spinforming sample parts      formed pulleys        bottle / cylinder forming
 spun sample parts          welded ring and flanging          wheel forming / spinning          flow formed sample (flow forming)
 flow formed and shear formed parts     lighting reflectors (metal Spinning)    bells for trumpets (metal spinning)
 spun tank bottom  large diameter cone (metal spinning)ornamental / giftware (metal spinning)spun lighting parts
DENN - CNG liners      spun ventilation parts (metal spinning)       spinformed ventilation parts
 metal forming       formed part        DENN - ribbing (rib forming)


Video: Metal Spinning & Flow Forming Applications Samples

Typical Industries Served:     Typical Parts Produced:
Aerospace     Airbag Housings
Agricultural M   Aircraft Parts
Antiques   F Bases (table, flag pole, lavatory, …)
Architectural     Basins
Automotive E   Bearing Housings
Baking   L Bowls
Boating     Bullet Headlight Shapes
Bulk Storage T   Clutch Housings
Chemical   O Cones
Colleges / Universities     Containers
Commercial Manufacturing A   Covers, Lids, Caps
Communications   W Cremation Urns
Construction     Cryogenic Housings
Defense L   Defense, Military Parts
Electronics     Dishes
Energy     Domes
Environmental     Engine Parts
Fabrication     Fan / Blower Parts
Filtration S   Feeders
Food / Restaurant   F Funnels
Funeral     Hemispheres
Furniture P   High Pressure / CNG Gas Bottles / Cylinders
Giftware   O Hoppers
High Pressure Cylinder / Liner     Horns (sound projection)
Hollowware I   Housings
Housewares   R Mounting Rings
HVAC     Musical Instruments (Trumpets, Cymbals, …)
Industrial Manufacturing N   Nose Cones
Lighting   M Nozzles
Machinery Manufacturing     Oil Seal Components
Material Handling N   Pipe / Tube Ends - closed, necked in
Medical   I Planters
Motorcycle     Pots, Pans, Cups, Kettles, Cans, Pails, Buckets, Canisters, …)
Musical I   Pulleys
Oil & Gas   N Reflectors
Ordinance     Rings
Ornamental N   Roof Parts (Drains, Flashings, Hoods, …)
Petrochemical   G Satellite / Antenna Dishes
Pressure Vessel     Separator Parts
Racing G   Spheres
Railroad     Tank Ends / Heads / Bottoms
Recreational     Vases
Sanitary     Ventilation Parts
Scientific     Venturi Shapes
Security     Waste Receptacles
Space     Wheels (automotive, truck, motorcycle, …)

Click HERE for more typical industries samples.

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Metal Spinning & Shear Forming Machines 

Shown on right: DENN NTR-100/30 CNC (Industry 4.0) metal spinning & shear-forming machine 

Metal Spinning & Shear Forming Machines 

Shown on right: DENN eSPIN-100 CNC metal spinning & shear-forming machine 

Spun Sample parts

Shown on right: sample parts spun on DENN CNC spinning & shear-forming machines

DENN Flow Forming, Shear Forming, Spinning Machines

Shown on right: a heavy duty chipless metal forming machine for operations such as flow forming, shear forming and spinning

DENN CNC flow forming machines

Shown on right: a DENN CNC flow forming machine

DENN wheel forming machines

Shown on right: a DENN CNC spinning / flow forming machine for wheel manufacturing

DENN tube necking / in closing machines

Shown on right: a DENN CNC tube necking-in / closing machine

DENN trimming-beading-flanging-...- machines

Shown on right: a DENN CNC edge forming machine for polygonal workpieces

DENN circle and rings shears

Shown on right: a DENN circle and ring shear

themed object

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